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The Beginners Guide to Edit Blogger Templates

The Beginners Guide to Edit Blogger Templates

The Beginners Guide to Edit Blogger Templates: In this Article you learn how you can Edit your Blogger template. These day millions of website owners or bloggers prefer to make their blog on blogger because its fast, Secure, and one of the best platform which serve free hosting on the whole world. Blogger is the one of the best platform where you can start your blog and earn some good money. Also when your blog go viral or you get huge traffic from google then you can also set your .com domain on Easily. Blogger hosting has some limitation but i think if you want to publish only tutorials or post article then blogger is the best for you and if you want to switch blogger to WordPress then you can Easily switch from blogger to WordPress.

How to Edit Your Blogger Template 

Its very simple to change your blogger theme follow the below guide step by step and change your theme.
  • Go to the Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML
Blogger Template Edit
  • After Click On Edit HTML the template code is open now you can Edit code and Save your theme as well.

Edit Code Blogger

  •  Also you can Find tags on Blogger. Just you need to press CTRL + F for MAC (CMD + F) and search Box is appear top right corner of the theme and you are able to search any tag or any work from here.

Find Tag in Blogger
This Tutorial for Beginner to Edit Blogger Templates guide from start so Every one can understand the blogger and generate some unique work from their mind, blogging is the best for those who are creative and produce some thing unique and clean to attract more audience form internet. Blogging is not for Scrapper or copy cats.
Hope so you like this tutorial share with your friends and don't forget to leave your feedback in comments. thanks


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