Thursday, 1 October 2015

How to Stop Auto-play Videos on Facebook

How to Stop Auto-play Videos on Facebook: In these days Facebook play their video automatically on. and it irritate which consume your internet bandwidth. if you don't want to load a video they automatically play on your screen and it take to much bandwidth. So In this Article i'll tell you how you can Stop Auto-playing Video on your timeline.

Advantages of Auto-Play:

When you are free and don't have any work to do then you can start browsing on Facebook. the first benefit of Auto-play is you don't need to click on play button video will playing automatically. This is the smart features of Facebook to improve the user friendly Environment for Visitors. You can watch huge collection of Videos without click on the play button and pass your time easily.

Disadvantage of Auto-Play:

One the The Biggest Disadvantage of Facebook Auto-Play videos consume their bandwidth if you internet package is limited then its not for you. So you can use the below tutorial to Off or Disable the Auto-Play Video on Facebook.

Follow these few Steps to Stop Auto-play Videos on Facebook.
  • Go to the Settings.
facebook setting
  • Go to the Videos
Facebook video setting

  •  Go to the Video Setting and Select Off from Auto-play video drop down option.

video setting
You completed Successfully. Now when you using or doing your own work or chat with someone during chat Facebook don't irritate you to play the videos on your timeline. Also you can save the Bandwidth of your internet by follow these tricks.


  1. Saqib I have attempted to disable the auto video by following the directions above. Even though it is now in the off position it did not disable the video from auto playing for me. Is there another way I can try to disable the auto play videos and gifs?

    1. contact me on facebook , so i can help you.