Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Healthy diet plan to gain Weight

Healthy diet plan to gain Weight

Healthy diet plan to gain Weight: some People are too skinny they want to get a healthy body and they want to gain weight quickly to look perfect and look more attractive so In this Article you learn how to gain weight Quickly its very simple to gain weight you just need to follow few thing which is written below and hope so you can get 10 KG weight with in 7 days to 15 days.
If you want to gain a weight first thing is you must have a weight machine at your home which is available in market in cheep rates so you can check your weight on daily basis and you can check how much weight you are getting and set your target how much weight you gain with in one week. 

Chocolates helps to Gain Weight

Eat chocolates which is good for health and Chocolates increase your weight. if you Eat too much chocolates you can gain weight easily with in few days. but Remember one thing you need to Eat good food as well with chocolates you can't gain weight only with Chocolates.

Fry Chicken Chest Piece helps to Gain Weight

Try to eat Fry Chicken Chest Piece at tea time. you can eat 2 chest pieces at 11:30 Am before lunch time and also Eat two Chest Piece at near 4 o'clock. Fried Chicken Chest Pieces is also very helpful for gaining weight Quickly also it is good for health and healthy people love to Eat so Love with food and Eat more and more as you can.

Boil potatoes helps to Gain Weight

Eat Boil Potatoes as much you can. because boil potatoes is very helpful to gain a weight and you can gain weight quickly if you Eat Boil Potato's Daily.

Rice helps to Gain Weight

Rice is also helpful for weight gaining. if you want to gain weight try to Eat Rice in Lunch.

Sweet Dishes helps to Gain Weight

Sweet Dishes is very helpful to gain weight Quickly try to Eat sweet Dishes after lunch and Dinner.

Sound sleep helps to Gain Weight

Sound Sleep is very important for everyone. Eat before sleeping is good for health so you can gain Quick weight if you sleep before Eat every day.

Fast Food helps to Gain Weight

Eat too much as you can. Order fast food and try to Eat too much fast food its good for gaining weight, you can gain too much fat by Eating Fast foods Like Burger and Pizza.

Pure Cow Milk helps to Gain Weight

Pure Cow Milk is also helpful for gain a Weight Quickly you just need to drink 1 glass of pure cow milk it is very good for your bones as well and you can gain weight quickly.

Banana Milk Shake helps to Gain Weight

Drink Banana Milk shake once in a day also eat banana as much you can. Banana is very helpful for gaining a weight. You can gain weight Quickly if you Eat 1 dozen banana each day. 

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