Friday, 16 October 2015

5 Ways to Gain Weight in a healthy Way

5 Ways to Gain Weight in a healthy Way: Most of the people have desire to gain weight some people want to join forces while some want to gain weight to play role in films and Dramas, Some people also try to gain weight who have lose their weight to play a role in film or drama. Some people also try to gain weight who have lost their weight due to illness on surgery. Nutrients from the food help human body to grow new cells. So, the food which will be full of protein fats will be helpful constructing new cell and body will gain weight.

Breakfast Must be like a King

As body needs supply of Energy just like a king, As Body needs supply of Energy just like an Engine to work breakfast consisting of pure Milk, Egg; Butter and Slices with Jam, Chocolate help the cells to grow and body gain weight.

Eat After 4 Hours

It is essential to eat after four hours, as body needs continues supply of Energy. Each meal must consisting of 150 gram Mutton with bread chicken chest and sweet Dishes. Beside this, access USE of Boiled Potatoes, pure milk, Banana Milk Shake, Fast Food help body to gain weight.

Healthy Food

It is the best way to get Extra Energy by eating healthy and dense food which have full nutrition i.e Dried fruits, fold rolled oats, butter chocolate are helpful for gaining weight. Eat meal four time a day.

Eating Before Sleep

Deep Sleep ensures the supply of nutrients, which are going to work and supply Energy to the where body therefore it is necessary to eat too much before going to bed.

Foods Which Contains Protein

Which contain rich amount of protein and carbohydrates also help the body to gain weight. These are pure milk, Juices, Banana Milk shakes. so you can drink juices it 'll help you to gain weight.

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