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Important SEO Techniques For Website

Important SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Techniques For Website: In this Article you learan some Important SEO Techniques for website owner to Improve their Search Ranking on Google. You make a new site for your Company or you make a Blog and you getting a Good Traffic from search Engine that's mean you are posting a Quality content and you make a very good site with neat and clean design.
Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a Separate field for and many companies offering Search Engine Optimization for business site and they provide Search engine optimization (SEO) for some rates.its is not very hard to implement on your web site all by yourself. 
We write below few Important search engine optimization (SEO) things that you can do for Search Engine.

1. Use keywords throughout Your website
Many people put good description in your blog also write good keywords but they don't use these keywords on their rest of site. so blogger or website owner must need to use your keywords throughout the content on the rest of your website. Using this you can get high ranking on search engine.
2. Create a sitemap
Search engine index your site through sitemap so must create a sitemap for your website.
3. Use Flash sparingly
Flash is a very neat technology and it has its place on the web. don't want to overuse Flash, because a search engine will not be able to read the text that is embedded in the Flash elements otherwise it could hurt your ranking if you have keywords in that area.
4. Get inbound links
One of the best things this Inbound Links. What is Inbound Links. In Inbound Links you can able to get high quality web sites that relate to your business to link to your website it help you to get high ranking on Search Engine.
5. Domain Name
Your domain name should be Easy to remember (example: Google, Amazon, Yahoo!, etc.).
6. Simple Design
Must have a Simple Design so user can understand your site Easily..
7. Think Small
Your website is small it take not too much time to in loading so don't make any fancy theme. your website must SEO friendly Quick to load and with simple Design.
8. Title
The title of your post should be used in <title> tag and must top of the your page.
9. Description META Tag
Use Meta Description in your all pages.
10. Robots META Tag
Some search engine crawlers abide by the Robots META Tag. This gives you some control over what appears in a search engine and what doesn’t. This isn’t an essential aspect of search engine optimization but it doesn’t hurt to add it in.
11. Heading Tags
Heading tag use in your blog posts and content and heading tag should be structured appropriately (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6). 
12. ALT Tags
Every image should have an ALT tag.
13. More text than HTML
A page should have more text content than markup language.
14. Anchor Text
Anchor text is the text used to link to a page. Using keywords in anchor text is a very good idea and will improve a page’s performance in SERPs.
15. Add New Content Often
If you added new pages on daily basis then your site will stay fresh and give search engine crawlers a reason to coming back.
16. Keyword Density
Some People say 5% is more than enough. Chris Short says your main keywords shouldn’t have a density of more than 30% and should be higher than the densities of other phrases and words.
17. Build It, Put It Online
Built it then put online your site should developed then upload to your web server. Do not add pages after your site putting online. Upload your site when completed. And update your contents on daily basis.
18. Use a robots.txt File
Web site owners use the /robots.txt file to give instructions about their site to web robots; this is called The Robots Exclusion Protocol. crawlers look for robots.txt file in your root directory
When a robot looks for the "/robots.txt" file for URL, it strips the path component from the URL (everything from the first single slash), and puts "/robots.txt" in its place.
For example, for ", it will remove the "/shop/index.html", and replace it with "/robots.txt", and will end up with "".
For More Understanding of robots.txt visit the link.
19. No broken links
Linking to pages that don’t exist it is a very bad thing. Search engines and people alike hate that.
20. Link Popularity
Once your Website has been well established, it’s time to build up your link popularity. The more relevant inbound links a Web site has, the better its rankings will be.
21. Analyze Traffic
Read your log files often. Make sure you’re not getting traffic you don’t want and getting traffic you do want. Keeping a pulse on your traffic allows you to better optimize your pages.
22. No tricks
If it doesn’t seem ethical, then it isn’t a good idea. If it doesn’t help your visitors, then don’t do it.
23. No frames
Don’t use frames, ever.
24. Validation
Every page on your Website should validate from W3C standards as closely as possible. 


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