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Important Meta tags for SEO

Important Meta tags for SEO: In this Article i'll tell you the latest and Useful meta tags for SEO which is required by google and using these Meta tags you can get high ranking of your post and blog/ website on search Engine. Meta Tags are the most important thing for website.

What is Meta Tag?

Meta Tag is used for the understanding of the search Engine through Meta Tags Search Engine understand the Post Title, Description, post Keywords using meta tags. we can't see meta tags on the Blog posts but we can see on the in source code. Meta tags play very important role in your blog.
In Below we can show you the how meta tags appears on search Engine.

Important Meta tags for SEO
Search Engine Index the Meta Description. You can see in above picture. So I'm telling you the most important tags for website and their Advantages. you can get huge traffic from Search Engine by Using Right Meta Tags for your Blog.
<meta content='en' http-equiv='content-language'/>
content-language Meta tag is used to describe the content language of your site. en is used for the English content.
<meta content='Keywords' name='keywords'/>
Keywords meta tag is used for website keywords. good practices is use keywords of 3 words or more then 3 words.
<meta content='Here you Blog Description' name='description'/> 
Description meta tag is used for website Description. and website post descriptions. good practices is use keywords not more then 160 words.
<link href='http://www.twotricks.com' rel='canonical'/> 
Canonical tag is very important for your site. it is a Link tag which have your current page URL with content. this is very important tag must used in your website to protect your site. If you don't add this tag in your site then anyone can hijack your whole website.
<meta content='width=device-width' name='viewport'/> 
Viewport meta tag is useful in response website. this tag is mostly used in responsive site to get the width and height of the device. and set screen according to the width and height of the device.


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