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How To Merge Duplicate Facebook Pages

How To Merge Duplicate Facebook Pages : Facebook updated their user interface and make few changes in Facebook add some advancements so user can understand Easily Everything. So In this Article we tell you how to Merge Duplicate Facebook Pages. by using this Tutorial you can Merge your Facebook Easily. If you are the admin of both pages which you want to merge you can merge it Easily. your pages name must be same also location. If you want to Merge two different name page now you can also merge different pages. Its very simple to Merge two pages so Remember one thing if you merge two Facebook pages if First page likes are greater then Second page then Facebook automatically set the First page username and Second page is merge into first page. 
If your First page likes less then Second page then First page merge into second page and Facebook use Second page username for the new page.

How To Merge Duplicate Facebook Pages

Follow Easy Steps to Merge your Duplicate Facebook Pages with in one Minute.
  • First you must be login to your Facebook Account.
  • Visit Facebook pages merge link.

  • When you open Above link Facebook ask you for a Password. Enter Your Password.
  • Now Fig: 1.1 appear on your screen.
How To Merge Duplicate Facebook Pages
Fig: 1.1
  • Select the First Page you want to keep from the first drop down menu, then select the second Page you want to merge from the second drop down menu.
  • Now Click On Merge pages.
  • If your Pages can be merged, then click Confirm.

How To Merge Two Pages With different Names

Many People want to Merge two Different name Facebook page so today we tell you the right method how you can merge your Facebook pages with Different name. now Facebook is allowing you to change your Facebook page number of likes is does not meter so if your pages with different name you can change the name. follow the step to know how to merge two pages with different names.
  • First you need to move your other page to your friends Account.
  • Submit Request to change Facebook page name from your friends account.
  • Timeline > About you can submit request from about section.
  • Facebook change your page name with in 5 minutes.
  • Now you Facebook pages name are same just Follow Above Tutorial.
In this Article you learn How To Merge Duplicate Facebook Pages. Now you can merge your pages Easily. if you think this post is helpful for you then comment below and share with your Friends.


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