Friday, 6 February 2015

3 Ways to Know He Truly loves You or Not

3 Ways to Know He Truly loves You or Not: In this Article we tell you about love. if you want to know he loves me. we share 3 Different Ways to know you he love you or not. If you want to check your boyfriend he love you or not its very simple you can check his feeling about you with in couple of hours. Even he don't understand how you do that.
you know that this today everyone uses social media. and your boyfriend is also uses social media too so you can chat on social network with him. So if you want to know he love you or not Here Is The Step you need Follow these Steps to know he love you or not or is he Flirting with you? 

3 Ways to Know He Truly loves You or Not

  • First way: If he uses social network. we suppose that your boy friend on Facebook. now these days Everyone uses Facebook. So you need to just make a Fake Facebook account with fake girl name on Facebook. try to upload your friend or cousin pictures on that account or you can add fake picture as well on your fake account. create 3,4 albums with friends pictures . also add 10-15 random girls on Facebook. Must complete your profile with fake information.
  • After adding 10-15 people on your accounts then send request to your boyfriend. he don't know who are you? right .
  • You can try to do frankly chat with your boyfriend. Tell them everything fake. Ask some hot question.
  • You can ask everything which you like you also check the character of your boyfriend as well through using this trick. also check that he is sincere with you or not. 
  • You can check their like and dislikes . i think this is the best way to know the reality of the people. 
Second way to check your boyfriend is check his feeling about he, he care about you or not. If he give you a respect then its clear he love you so much.
Third way is if he really care about you. its means he love you too much. and if he truly values your opinions.
In this Article we discuss 3 Ways to Know He Truly loves You or Not so hope so you Enjoy this article, don't forget to leave your feedback in comments and must share with your friends thanks.


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