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How To Install WAMP Server and Configure in Windows

How To Install WAMP Server and Configure in Windows: Many students don't know how to install and configure WAMP on their computer so In this Tutorial your learn how you can install WAMP server on your Windows 10, Windows 8.1 , Windows 8, Windows 7. Follow few steps to Install WAMP Server in your System.
  • First you need to download the WAMP server. Here visit below link.
  • After download Run setup and install WAMP Server on your Computer. Click next. it will install it self.
  • After installation run WAMP server on your computer and check tray icon is green or red.
  • Green Color means WAMP is online.
  • Red Color means WAMP is not Running.

wamp server tray
  • In above image you can see the green color wamp icon and options of WAMP server. 
  • If you click on put offline the server goes offline.
Open localhost and you can see the main screen of Wamp server.

WAMP is stand for Windows Apache Mysql PHP. Some developers use localhosts to develop web applications and some desktop developers use to WAMP server to save their database into mysql. 

How to solve WAMP and Skype conflict on Windows

Its Very simple to solve wamp and Skype conflict on windows. if your server facing online issue and you can't see the wamp welcome page then don't worry. Skype is creating some problem because skype also run on 80 port so you need to fix the skype port to run WAMP on 80 port. Follow below steps to change the skype port.
  • Go to Tools > Options > Advance > Connections
  • Now you can see the below popup window appear.
skype port change
  • Unchecked the box Use Port 80 and 443 for additional incoming connections.
  • Write 9666 on Use port port box. and save the settings.
  • That's it. now check your WAMP server. it 'll work.


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