Friday, 6 February 2015

4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Blog SEO

4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Blog SEO and Increase Blog Organic Traffic: In this Article we will tell you how you can improve your blog traffic and it will help you to get huge traffic from google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and other popular search Engines. How to Improve Your Blog SEO and How you can Improve your Blog Posts SEO and how you make your blog search Engine Visibility more better and get huge traffic from search Engine. i hope so it is very helpful for you and you can feel the difference in your post indexing and blog indexing speed. This is also very helpful for improving Blog SEO and as well your blog Post SEO. 

Improve Your Blog SEO

  • If you want to index your website post quickly on Google then create a unique content for your Website. 
  • Create content for peoples not only for search Engines.
  • Post write in your own wording. and Write to the point.
  • Select neat and clean Design for your website.
  • Don't Copy other contents.
  • Don't need to set Post Description. write your Description on the top of your post. If you don't have a post description then search Engine automatically set post description is your all content. if your post description is different from the content search engine is not indexing your post. Search Engine mark your post as spam that's why its better to don't write search Description in post and also don't need to select separate keyword for post it may harm your post SEO and ranking.
  • Submit sitemap in webmaster tools.

Increase Blog Organic Traffic

  • Verify website post structure using google data structure tool. If you have any Error in post structure fix it Quickly it will helpful for improving rank in search Engine.
  • Add Rating Article in posts to improve search Ranking.
  • Add Breadcrumb in your blog,
  • Add rating in google Search Result.
We Refer these Article To for your website SEO improvements.
  1. Add Star Rating on google search Result
  2. Add Social Sharing Widget
  3. Show Breadcrumbs in google
4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Blog SEO and Increase Blog Organic Traffic: This is the basics of SEO if you follow these step, your post quickly index by google. Good Luck don't forget to leave feedback in comments.


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