Friday, 6 February 2015

2 Attractive Ways to Get Project On Freelancer Quickly

2 Attractive Ways to Get Project On Freelancer Quickly  : In this Article you learn how you can get a Freelancer project Quickly. I am also a freelancer and i am Good in web development and Designing? i know all students want to Earn money for their future or for their fee. freelancer is the best way to earn money online. Now First you need to make a new Account on freelancer.
i know if you have a fresh account people don't give you a project. but i want to tell you a proper tricks to how to impress the project owner.
Follow These Steps Simple
  • You need to Bid at lowest rate.
  • First Target to take a small project.
  • For Example if Project is 10$-30$ range. bid 13$ - 15$ not more then 15 Dollars.
  • Set The time 0 days.
  • Project holder think you are a awesome guy you can do this project quickly.
  • In Simple Word you need to reduce the money and time that things attracts to project holder to your bid.
Now The Main Thing is which impress the project Holder, which is proposal!.. 
Yes !! your Proposal is main thing!
In proposal you need to follow these steps:
  • First you need to Hello Sir, how are you? 
  • Then write your Experience Qualification?
  • Then you need to write your portfolio link.
  • Portfolio is the main thing which impress the Project Holder. if he/she like your work he must give you a project.
Note: Before Accept any project check the Project holder profile he is trusted person or not,, check his reviews. okay also ask them to create milestone in advance when you complete your job you can show them your work and ask them to release the money on freelancer , after releasing the money freelancer added money on your account.
you need minimum 30$ for withdraw the money.
How to withdraw the money from freelancer i'll tell you in another post.
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