Friday, 6 February 2015

How to get Free 100 Bids on freelancer

How to get Free 100 Bids on freelancer: In this article you learn how you can get free 100 Bids on your freelancer account. Everyone want to earn online money and freelancer is the one of the best way to Earn good money at home. Every normal skilled person can Earn 300$ per month Easily. is the one of the best income source i saw many people who are doing part time work on freelancer and they happy with it and they Purchases new cars, mobiles, and make property from Freelancer is wonderful site and freelancer is helpful for student they earn good money from and they pay their Colleges free Easily so Follow below step to get Free 100 Bids on Freelancer. 

  • First you need to create a new Account on Freelancer.
  • If you account is new then its okay. you don't need to make a new account.
  • Now Freelancer give 100 Bids to new user. you just need to add your VISA/ Payoneer card or Paypal account with freelancer and Enjoy 100 free bids.
  • Its very simple at you did it successfully. 

If you are new freelancer and you want to get free bids from freelancer for a month you need to verify your account. just verify your account from Payoneer, or your bank accounts , or master card, you can also verify your account from visa Card,
If you don't have money and don't have a master card don't worry! ask them any friend for help.
you need a master card , or a verified paypal account for verification. you can use your friend paypal account. just verify the freelancer account .
after verifying your account freelancer give you 100 bids for a month.
Now must remember after receiving bids you must unverified payment from freelancer now you can get free bids from freelancer enjoy it.
Note : this tricks save your 9.49$ hope so you like it.
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