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How to Approve Adsense Account with in a Day

How to Approve Adsense Account with in a Day: In this Article you learn how to approve adsense Account quickly. So Every new blogger want to approved Adsense Account in Pakistan or any other Asian country like china , India etc. Its Every simple if you a wait for right time.

How to Approve Adsense Account

How to get approved adsense account with in a day? this is most important question for those who have a good traffic on their blogs but don't have Adsense account. First thing you need to remember don't copy other posts because Google knows who is the real owner of that article. So there is two types of Adsense Account.
  1. Non Hosted Adsense Account
  2. Hosted Adsense Account
How to Approve Adsense Account

1. How to get Non Hosted Adsense Account

Non Hosted Adsense is only for top level domain like .com .net .org etc. you can get your own hosted Adsense account follow below steps.

  • First Buy your top level domain and hosing.
  • Signup on Adwords Tools. And use tool planner to ensure which type of keywords are search most. you can get statistics of monthly search from adwords tools.
  • Make 30 Top Search Article List. Target low competition keywords.
  • Select neat and clean template for your website.
  • Now Publish 30 Most Search Article on your site. publish 1 article each day.
  • Each Article must have more then 500 words. using this technique you can get good ranking on google with in few days.
  • Wait more more 30 days you can get 500+ traffic from google easily.
  • Apply for Google Non Hosted Adsense. this is the right time to approve your google Adsense Account.
  • Must Use your own pictures. don't use internet pictures. 
  • Paste your website name on your own pictures.
Google is getting strict day by day. They changed their policies  Recently. The account you got approved from blogger and youtube this is called hosted account, you can'not add hosted account adds on your sites in other words you can't add your Adsense adds on your domains.

2. How to get Hosted Adsense Account

How to Approve Adsense for Blogger or Youtube: In non hosted Adsense Account you can approved your account through your official site like you can add your adds script more then one site. their is no restrictions in non hosted account.
In this Section you learn how you can get your adsense account for blogger domain or for youtube. you can use your youtube adsense on blogger domains. like you can use your adsense on this domain with out any Restriction and Earn money from blogger.

You can get your hosted Adsense account through youtube easily
  • you just need to create a new Gmail ID.
  • create account on youtube,
  • create channel on youtube
  • change your country
  • apply for adsense
  • wait for 3,4 hours, within 3 -4 hours your application approved by google.
You can see Video for more details thanks. hope you like our post must share this post with others and learn How to Approve Adsense Account with in a Day.

This is The Complete Video of How to approve Adsense account with in a day 2015


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