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12 Best Alternative Google Adsense (2015)

12 Best Alternative Google Adsense (2015): Adsense is the main income source of Earning a good money from internet for blogger or websites owner. Everyone want to Earn good money and make a better their life. when adsense disaproved your site adds , dont worry their is allot of Adsense Alternatives , you can adds their adds on your site and earn good money.

Google Adsense (2015)

Their are two types of Ads site.
  • In 1st Categories you can share download links,, you can earn also through links clicks.
  • In 2nd categories simple article site lies.
For 1st Category, you can shrink your download links on these sites and earn money.
Here is the link you need to just signup here and shrink your adds,
i also earn more then 400$ from this site.
withdraw method is (Paypal,Master card)
Here is the link you need to just signup here and shrink your adds,
i also earn more then more then 115$ from this site. this is good site. i test it personally
withdraw method is (Paypal,Master card)
This is is the new site you just need to use their API ,, they will pay you money.
For 2nd Category, you can shrink your download links on these sites and earn money.
This is indian site. it is very smilar to adsense advertisement company. this is very good sote for indians not for pakistani. you can use these adds with adsense as well. Chitika pays via Paypal ($10 USD minimum) or via check ($50 minimum).
I Earn more then 70$ from Bidvertiser,, if you traffic is good, bidvertiser is good for you. Payment is very fast, you can withdraw through paypal easily. they withdraw on monthly bases.
Infolinks adds is also good and they pay via paypal. but infolinks adds are little bit irritating for user. infolinks confuse the user little bit. thats why you get more click then other advertisement company.
Clicksor is also good, i earn more then 100$ for these adds. same as infolinks. withdraw limit minimum 50$.
Popads is also a good site you can earn good from this site. payment method via Paypal, trusted site i used my self and i earn more then 150$ from this site,, and still i have account on this site.
Here is the link of this site
Yillix is also same as bidvertise or  you can say that say that it is same as adsense. here is the link of site
Here is the link of this site this site is 99.99% smilar as Popads, you can earn good money from this site can use this site is also adsense alternative
i like because you can withdraw with in few minutes you dont need to wait for 2 or 3 days, even you can withdraw 5$ from your account.
Here is the link of this site . you can use this site alternative. payment method through paypal.
Thanks Guys Hope so you will Enjoy my post thanks
And Guys i know the trick how to get approved adsense account in pakitan and india if you give the good feedback i'll tell you the trick,, i'll write a complete post for you.


  1. In my opinion, Chitika is the best website to earn through affiliate programs and Infolinks are the best Google Adsense Alternativesin term of CPC. But they cant defeat Google Adsense, GA is strong and high CPC.

  2. I think Linkbucks and is the best alternatives of google adsense. But I think they will never same as google adsense.


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