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Show Breadcrumbs in Google Search Results for Blogger

Show Breadcrumbs in Google Search Results for Blogger: Everyone can add Breadcrumbs in their blog but you can Rear find this topic. so today you learn about how you can show you breadcrumbs in google search results for blogger, this Article is only for blogger.
You need to follow few below steps:
Go to the Dashboard > template > Edit HTMLPress CTRL + F and search bar is appear.Find Article Tag in your template. if your theme in HTML 5.<Article If you find Article tag then paste below cord on the above of Article Tag.
Note: If your theme is not in HTML 5 and you are not able to find article tag in your theme then paste below line and search.
itemtype=''Step 4: Paste below code above this line.
<b:ifcond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<b:ifcond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<divclass='breadcrumb' xmlns:v=''>

How To Start A Blog And Make It Successful

How To Start A Blog And Make It Successful: If you are a new blogger and you don't know about blogging and you want to make it successful then you must know about some important thing otherwise you can not get desire output from your blog. and you waste your all efforts and time on blog. Read some my Experience Suggestion below. How To Start A Blog And Make It SuccessfulNever Use Free Blogger Theme: First Remember one thing never use free themes you are on WordPress or blogger doesn't matter don't use free themes because they are not develop accordingly today requirement few themes are not even not responsive and also not SEO friendly. if you want your blog go viral on social media and google then please be original write your own content and must post that contents which audience demand. But if your theme is not good you may right your own contents but finally your google can't understand your posts and it take long time in indexing also due to errors google not give …

How To Install WAMP Server and Configure in Windows

How To Install WAMP Server and Configure in Windows: Many students don't know how to install and configure WAMP on their computer so In this Tutorial your learn how you can install WAMP server on your Windows 10, Windows 8.1 , Windows 8, Windows 7. Follow few steps to Install WAMP Server in your System.
First you need to download the WAMP server. Here visit below link. download Run setup and install WAMP Server on your Computer. Click next. it will install it self.After installation run WAMP server on your computer and check tray icon is green or red.Green Color means WAMP is online.Red Color means WAMP is not Running.
In above image you can see the green color wamp icon and options of WAMP server. If you click on put offline the server goes offline.http://localhost/ Open localhost and you can see the main screen of Wamp server.
WAMP is stand for Windows Apache Mysql PHP. Some developers use localhosts to develop web applications and some desktop dev…

How To Add Breadcrumbs to Blogger

How To Add Breadcrumbs to Blogger: Breadcrumb is the navigation trail which tells about location on our site or blog to visitors. It tells readers, where (on which page) they actually are on our blog. it help to clear the structure of website to user also user can understand now where is he/she.
Breadcrumb navigation is used to create a user friendly website. Using it, readers can easily navigate to your blog by just clicking a link or few. Like in the below image, if you are on Step 3 (like: Social Media > Google Plus > Traffic) then you can easily come back to Social Media category by simply clicking on Step 1 shown on the breadcrumbs.
It also helps to increase your site’s ranking in search engines by adding keywords into your blog posts.
Adding Breadcrumb Navigation in BloggerNote: You must backup your blog template first before adding breadcrumb navigation in your blog.

Now follow below steps to Add Breadcrumb in blogger:
Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTMLNo…

How to Get a USA Free Virtual Mobile Number

How to get the USA virtual number: Today I will share with you a method of getting the virtual number free and how you can attend calls and message on your android, iOS smartphone. Also In this tutorial, I’ll tell you how you can view your message and voice messages on the website.
Here is the one of the best website application which is TextNow, Which allows the users to create free virtual number on their website and use their number for free chatting and calling in USA and Canada. I also check and test their mobile and web based application which is brilliant and good for Asian to create USA number on their website and they can use these number for calling, messages in the USA as well they can verify their accounts like Paypal account which is one of the major problems in ASIA. Many of people got limited from Paypal due to the not fully verified.
In future, I’ll tell you how to recover your limited account using TextNow application. Follow the below step to register your TextNow a…

How to Delete Gmail Account

How to Delete Gmail AccountPermanently Immediately now. If you delete your Google Gmail account permanently then you are unable to recover your deleted account. You are unable to delete your account without the password. You must login to your account before the deletion of the account. There is not any method available which will help you to delete your account temporarily if you delete your account once then you are unable to access your contact, message, as well unable to recover your account. Google is the well-reputed company and everyone have the Google account. Google has a great high-speed server which always up and rare chances of server issues on their end. so everyone loves to use Google Gmail account for their daily Email. They also allow us to send more than 100 MB file from email. If the file is too large they Google automatically save our sent item file on their Google Drive product. Why Do You Want to Delete Your Gmail Account? I know you are not feeling secure on Goo…

How to Get A Free Domain Name [.com]

How to Get A Free Domain Name [.com, .org, .tk] and Web Hosting 100% free registration only. The .tk free domain and website hosting are available for free for life. and others .com, .org domain you can enjoy for 1 year. In this Article, you learn how to get a free domain. Today Everyone wants to make a new website and make it successful so I know the ways you can start free website easily and Earn money from your website also you can approve Google Adsense on your website if you work hard and write your own content then you can get Google Adsense within 1 month it's very simple. Now we will tell you How to Free Domain Nameyou just need a master card with a 0.18$ balance. in other words, you just need 18 cents. Follow below steps to get the free domain. First, you need to Visit 1and1 Official site.Second, you Enter your Domain Name. If the domain is available then register domain and signup on the 1and1 website.1and1 give you a free domain for 1 year. 1-year total charges are only…